This Precious Land


The creation of a wonderful world is in your hands


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This Precious Land is a puzzle game with mechanics that are very similar to those of the excellent Triple Town, where you have to place different tiles of landscape in order to create a wonderful world, bit by bit.

So, you have to place two of the same type of tile next to each other in order to make something better. For example, if you put two grass tiles next to each other, you'll create woodland, and if you put two woodlands next to each other, you'll have a forest of trees, and so on.

One big difference between this game and the mechanics of Triple Town is that in This Precious Land you can harvest the tiles that you create. When you do so, you'll get two kinds of resources, and with those resources you can create new tiles that are different from the basic grass tiles.

This Precious Land doesn't have great graphics, but it doesn't really need to. The game uses simple pixelated graphics that don't interfere at all with the simple and extremely addictive mechanics. In addition, it has an enchanting retro feel to it.

This Precious Land is a brilliant puzzle game with original and fun mechanics that can keep you entertained for hours. Even though this game is completely free, it's one of those games that could cost an arm and a leg and still be worth it.
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